STEM Summer Programs

By Lynn Ye ‘22 As summer approaches, many students are applying and preparing for summer programs. With so many STEM programs, there’s a lot to consider when choosing. It can become overwhelming, so here’s a list of some of the major STEM Programs to hopefully relieve some of your stress. Note:  Many of these programs … Continue reading STEM Summer Programs

The Artists of MSTC: Volume 4

Welcome to the fourth installment of The Element’s The Artists of MSTC! Here are more talented artists from the MSTC program. Ellen Fei (‘24): Allie Nelter (‘24): Nyasha Musoni (‘21): If you would like to submit art for a future volume of The Artists of MSTC, email us at! Edited by Emma Falluji ‘21 … Continue reading The Artists of MSTC: Volume 4

MSTC Teachers and In-Person Learning

By Tanisha Garg ‘23 The sudden transition from in-person to virtual learning was difficult for everyone. Now that a gradual transition from virtual back to in-person is taking place, everyone has some accommodating to do. Students’ school days are not going to be normal, especially with all of the new procedures, but neither are teachers’. … Continue reading MSTC Teachers and In-Person Learning

Where Are They Now: Lessons From MSTC Alum Ke Nui

By Nyasha Musoni ‘21 Accomplishment and achievement. These are feelings we all enjoy after working hard towards a goal. And in the setting of school, and MSTC specifically, this is most often seen in good grades, high test scores, and placement in prestigious competitions. Those accomplishments are great and we all celebrate when a member … Continue reading Where Are They Now: Lessons From MSTC Alum Ke Nui

A Student’s Take on COVID-19 and Education

Image credit: An Essay by Tanisha Garg ‘23 High schoolers all around the globe are experiencing an unpredicted disruption in part of the four most important years of their life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been unable to learn properly and are missing experiences that they will never be able to have again. … Continue reading A Student’s Take on COVID-19 and Education