College Decision Day

Over this past school year, the MSTC seniors have been working hard on their college applications in order to continue the rigorous studies involved in the MSTC curriculum at an institution of higher learning. After months of writing essays, requesting recommendations, and grappling with what they wanted to pursue in their continuing education - not … Continue reading College Decision Day


The Song of Understanding

The Song of Understanding Written by Alexandra Seesee   I long to sing the song of understanding, A beautiful creation without words, A message of inclusiveness expanding Across the world on wings as swift as birds’.   Global communities by it united Embrace each other and encourage peace. New brotherhoods and sisterhoods incited Old prejudices … Continue reading The Song of Understanding

An Academic Team Experience

Each year, the Dunbar Academic Team competes at the regional, state, and national levels in quick recall and written assessment competitions. Additionally, it’s a club that many MSTC students are familiar with. For some, the Academic Team has provided a new competitive outlet, and for others, it’s simply a continuation of a long-time commitment. Regardless, … Continue reading An Academic Team Experience

MSTC Sophomores Take on Junior Scheduling

Two months into the second semester, MSTC underclassmen have already chosen their classes for the next school year. Between balancing their MSTC electives and deciding their Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways, they had a lot to consider before making their final schedules. I’ve asked twenty different MSTC sophomores about their arrangements for junior year. Here … Continue reading MSTC Sophomores Take on Junior Scheduling

Two Cultures, One Identity: Growing Up Romanian-American

My entire family was born and raised in Romania, a small Eastern European country most notable for its vampiric king, Count Dracula. It is often overshadowed by more well-known countries such as Greece and Italy. Despite its size, it has a rich culture that is adored and practiced by almost 20 million people. To two … Continue reading Two Cultures, One Identity: Growing Up Romanian-American